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Rental Policy Changes at DISBoards

Written by Tim on . Posted in General DVC News

One of the most popular sites used to rent DVC points is the  Members holding points they will not be able to use can post free classified ads in order to “rent” use of a single year’s points to a member or non-member seeking to vacation at one of the eight DVC resorts.  Similarly, non-members can post a request for rental points, often saving hundreds of dollars off of Disney’s published rates for the same accommodations.

In recent years webmasters at the site have been streamlining policies regarding the rental process.  The most recent change is a virtual prohibition on members making reservations with the sole intention of renting them to non-members.  The DISBoards Rent/Trade Board Posting Rules & FAQ’s have been updated to reflect a policy that “no existing reservation may be offered for rent until it is within thirty (30) days of the arrival date.” 

One of the more hotly-debated topics among DVC members is the appropriateness of reserving a specific resort / room / date combination for the sole purpose of later renting that reservation at a premium price.  For example, a member reserving a Studio villa at the Beach Club for early December is likely to fetch more than the standard $10-12 per point in a subsequent rental due to high demand for the accommodation.  While the DVC member renting the points often views this as a wise manner of conducting business, members who purchased their points exclusively for personal use are often not as forgiving.

A further restriction limits forum members to a maximum of two posts per calendar year concerning the rental of existing reservations.  By instituting these changes, the DISBoards has effectively eliminated itself as a medium that members can use for speculative rental transactions. 

Reader Comments
Photo Sittings Come to Saratoga Springs -- King Mickeys Court1
Monday, 19 May 2008 16:28
Several months ago Disney began offering professional photo sittings at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. For a fee, guests could book time with a Disney photographer, with the images available via the PhotoPass service. Now the sittings have been expanded to Saratoga Springs, with an added perk for DVC members available through June 30, 2008.

View complete article
Re:Photo Sittings Come to Saratoga Springs -- TimK
Monday, 19 May 2008 17:15
I think these sittings are a really neat idea. About 5-6 years ago I paid over $200 for a photo sitting at WDW just to get some family shots. Granted that included some prints and a nice album, but that\'s a small sacrifice to make when it\'s 1/4 of the price.

We\'ve bought the Photopass CD after our last two trips. I even considered scheduling a sitting over at the Grand Floridian to get some new family photos. Didn\'t work out time-wise, though.

Now if only they\'d add the Photopass functionality to more ride photos!!!

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