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1. Members Surveyed on New Destinations
(General DVC News)
... the above screen shot from a DVC survey designed to gauge interest in more than a dozen current and prospective destinations. The specific question asked in the survey was: "If all locations below had ...
Created on August 02 2019
2. Spring 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey
(General DVC News)
It is not uncommon for Disney Vacation Club to randomly survey members on potential program changes, overall satisfaction and a variety of other topics. Check out what they are asking in an April 2019 ...
Created on April 26 2019
3. New Survey Shows Disney Vacation Club Members Plan Vacation Time in Advance, Use Vacation Time Year After Year
(General DVC News)
... of a beautiful destination, restful days and time away from the office? According to a new survey, Disney Vacation Club might just be the answer to helping Americans use more vacation time. As part of ...
Created on January 31 2018
4. Guests surveyed on resort fee
(General DVC News)
... have received surveys, asking for opinions on the addition of a daily resort fee.  The survey mentions a $15 rate which would cover use of Disney's Magical Express, MagicBands, hotel wifi service, parking ...
Created on March 09 2016
5. 2015 DVCNews site survey results
(Site News)
Back in the summer, DVCNews ran a survey asking readers for feedback on a number of topics.  We received hundreds of responses and would like to take a few minutes to share the results and highlight some ...
Created on December 03 2015
6. Take the DVCNews site survey!
(Site News)
As DVCNews approaches its eighth anniversary, we are always looking for ways to improve. Here's how you can help! We have created a brief survey on  The survey is only seven questions ...
Created on July 23 2015
7. New member survey focuses on perk awareness, add-on prospects
(General DVC News)
In recent years, Disney Vacaton Club has surveyed members on topics ranging from new in-room amenities to future resort locations.  The latest survey gauges members' willingness to open their checkbooks. ...
Created on March 03 2014
8. Survey suggests possible Member Services features
(General DVC News)
Disney Vacation Club periodically surveys its members for feedback on policy and service modifications.  One question in a recent survey suggests DVC may be considering new features for its Member Services ...
Created on December 03 2013
9. Latest DVC member satisfaction survey
(General DVC News)
Disney Vacation Club has randomly selected members to participate in a 10-15 minute survey.  Topics addressed range from referrals to member communications to smarphone apps. Some of the basic questions ...
Created on August 21 2013
10. DVC surveys members on pre-paid dues
(General DVC News)
... regarding a survey received late last week. Disney Vacation Club is asking whether there is interest in paying Annual Dues several years ahead in order to save some money: The "pre-paid annual dues" ...
Created on October 18 2010
11. DVC surveys members on amenities
(General DVC News)
Several months ago select members were invited to respond to a survey regarding perks offered to Disney Vacation Club owners.  Now DVC is asking for feedback regarding amenities within its guest rooms. ...
Created on July 28 2010
12. DVC surveys members on perks
(Member Perks News)
Disney Vacation Club recently sent a survey to select members asking for feedback on the value of certain current and proposed member perks. The bulk of the survey consists of asking members to select ...
Created on May 28 2010
13. DVC Surveys Members on Potential New Club
(Member Perks News)
Select Disney Vacation Club members have received a survey asking for feeback on a new DVC program.  The program would be open only to members who achieved a certain status within DVC, and would afford ...
Created on December 03 2008
14. Additional Details From New Location Survey
(Other Resorts News)
Recently the Disney Vacation Club has been polling existing members on their interest in new destinations.  We some additional details to share regarding the content of that survey. The three ...
Created on July 08 2008
15. DVC Surveys Members on New Locations
(Other Resorts News)
The Disney Vacation Club is sending surveys to some members (including our own ghost1000) to solicit feedback regarding future resort destinations.  The potential destinations being presented to members ...
Created on July 03 2008
16. 2019 Condo Association Meeting Recap
(General DVC News)
... calls, emails, survey results and all other feedback received from owners is collectively used to shape the direction of the program. However Schultz will investigate possibility of forming some sort of ...
Created on December 14 2019
17. What We Know About Disney's "Nature Themed" Reso
... received a survey asking for feeback on a variety of names. Options included Disney's Discovery Lodge, Reflections, a Disney Lodge and Disney's Color of Nature Resort. The "Discovery" reference is likely ...
Created on October 19 2018
18. Is Aulani Threatened by the Ongoing Volcanic Activity?
(Aulani Villas News)
... Survey, it is extremely unlikely that O’ahu will ever again experience volcanic episodes. The biggest nuisance from Kilauea that could befall Aulani is vog. According to the USGS, vog is the hazy air ...
Created on May 22 2018
19. Beach Club Leads Timeshare Rental Ratings
(Beach Club Villas News)
Disney Vacation Club placed five properties in a listing of the top twenty-five rental destinations, including the number 1 overall selection. has published the results of its 2018 ...
Created on March 02 2018
20. New prompts streamline Member Services calls
(Policies & Procedures News)
... remind members that they can make reservations online, reveal that cabins are still available on the next chartered member cruise, and request that callers complete a satisfaction survey after speaking ...
Created on May 01 2015