Impressive Discounts or "Free" Points with Copper Creek Purchase

Disney Vacation Club is hoping you'll put Copper Creek Villas & Cabins on your Christmas list with a choice of two new offers.

Copper Creek Villas & Cabins

Newly revealed direct purchase incentives offer lower rates at Copper Creek than the most recent discounts which ran from May - October 2018.  

CCV Points  New Buyer Credit  Existing Member Credit 
 125 $0  $750 
 150 $1000  $2000
 175 $3250  $3300 
 250 $4900  $4900
300 $6400 $6400
1000 $26,600 $26,600

These credits are an improvement over the mid-2018 incentives which offered savings of just $3500 off 250 points and $5000 off 300 points. Early 2018 offers were only slightly more appealing with credits of $5000 off 250 points and $6500 off 300 points.  

Alternatively, buyers can forego the incentives and receive a set number of "free" points for the entire duration of their DVC ownership. The number of free points awarded varies depending upon the size of the purchase.

CCV Points  Free Points Awarded 
 225 25 
 275 32 
 325 42 
 375 51 
425 61

The free points are included in the Disney Vacation Club deed with the buyer responsible for annual dues throughout the duration of ownership. 

The same base price of $182 per point applies to either incentive. The buyer of 300 Copper Creek points could opt to either pay $48,200 ($54,600 base less $6400 incentive) or pay the full $54,600 and receive 332 points per year including the "free" point addition. 

Sales of Copper Creek points lagged this summer, perhaps attributable to the lower discounts. DVC may be looking to reduce inventory in advance of the 2019 debut of Disney's Riviera Resort

Meanwhile, Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas takes a back seat to Copper Creek with reduced purchase incentives. 

Aulani Points  New Buyer Credit  Existing Member Credit 
 125 $0  $750 
 150 $1000  $1500
 175 $2000  $2000 
 250 $3500  $3500
300 $5000 $5000
1000 $19,000 $19,000

These credits are noticably lower than the prior incentive which had DVC deducting at least $3000 for a 150-point purchase and $7750 off 250 points.   

Other incentive levels are available at both resorts.  The Developer Credit is deducted from the balance when calculating the total payoff or amount of the purchase to be financed.  The current base price is $182 per point.  Down payment of 10-20% of the sale price, before credits, is required.  

The Copper Creek offers are available only for a short time, slated to end on December 15, 2018.  After December 15, Copper Creek will match the Aulani incentives listed above with both resorts offering the discounts through January 31, 2019.  These offers are subject to modifications at any time.  For complete details, contact a Disney Vacation Club salesperson.