Survey suggests possible Member Services features

Disney Vacation Club periodically surveys its members for feedback on policy and service modifications.  One question in a recent survey suggests DVC may be considering new features for its Member Services call center.  

The survey question lists a number of user-friendly service offerings, asking members for feedback on each option.  The proposed additions include:

  • Ability to text message Advisors
  • Ability to be placed on a "hold" list when your first Disney Vacation Club resort is not available; if your resort becomes available later, your advisor would contact you
  • Placing Member Services representatives on-site at Disney Vacation Club resorts
  • A specialized phone call to help make plans for your Disney vacation when you're planning more than 60 days in advance (like booking dining reservations, tickets, tours, or other experiences)
  • A personal Member Advisor at the call center who would be your one-stop, individual contact
  • Option to contact Member Services Advisors using video technology like Skype or Facetime (allows you to see the person you are talking to)

The survey asked participants to rank each of these options as either "Extremely Interested", "Very Interested", "Somewhat Interested", "Not Very Interested" or "Not at All Interested."  

Surveys are sent out several times per year to a random sample of Disney Vacation Club members.  There are no guarantees that any of the proposed modifications will be adopted.  

What do you think of the new communication options being proposed?