New member survey focuses on perk awareness, add-on prospects

In recent years, Disney Vacaton Club has surveyed members on topics ranging from new in-room amenities to future resort locations.  The latest survey gauges members' willingness to open their checkbooks.  

The winter 2014 survey, posed to a sampling of DVC owners, is designed to accomplish two goals:  find out how many people are aware of the new "Membership Magic" initiative and how anxious members are to buy more points.  

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DVC Survey - March 2014

The survey begins innocently enough, asking for an overall satisfaction level with the owner's Disney Vacation Club membership.  Five responses range from "Excellent" to "Poor" with a "Having used my membership" option.  

From there the survey dives right into sales-related inquiries with questions such as:

  • How satisfied are you with the number of Vacation Points you own?
  • How likely are you to add on Vacation Points to your Membership sometime in the future?
  • What is the likelihood that you will recommend Disney Vacation Club to friends or colleagues in the future?
  • How many referrals to Disney Vacation club have you made within the past 12 months?
  • Do you own timeshare(s) with companies other than Disney Vacation Club?

Subsequent queries ask owners to rate certain aspects of the Disney Vacation Club infrastructure (Member Services, accounting, etc.) and question whether owners feel appreciated.  

DVC Survey - March 2014

Next up is ranking member awareness with the new perk programs DVC unveiled in recent months:

  • How familiar are you with the Membership Magic program?
  • How did you first hear about the Membership Magic program?
  • How would you describe the Membership Magic program to another Disney Vacation Club member, based upon what you've heard?
  • Overall, how appealing is the Membership Magic program to you?
  • Prior to this survey, have you seen the new Membership Magic homepage on

And finally, the survey circles-back to purchase prospects, asking owners if they have ever added-on additional points, if so, how long ago, and whether or not points have been used to stay at non-DVC destinations.  

DVC Survey - March 2014

Disney Vacation Club randomly selects owners to participate in surveys several times per year.  According to this survey's invitation--signed by DVC Senior VP Ken Potrock--member feedback "plays a critical role in elevating the Member experience, and we greatly appreciate your taking the time to share your perspectives."  

Some survey results are often cited in a future issue of Disney Files Magazine.