Frequently Asked Questions - Resale Purchase

FAQs - Resale Purchase
What does it mean to buy points resale?

Buying Disney Vacation Club points via the resale market essentially means buying the points from a current owner who no longer wants or needs the points.  

Are resale points treated any different than points purchased direct from Disney?

Resale points purchased after March 20, 2011 cannot be used for destinations in The Adventurer Collection, The Concierge Collection and The Disney Collection.  These are all non-DVC resort destinations.  They include Disney Cruise Line voyages, Adventures by Disney, non DVC hotels such as the Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Polynesian Resort in Florida and a few others.  

Additionally, resale purchases completed after April 4, 2016 are not eligible for the "Membership Extras" slate of member perks.  Included in Membership Extras are the Annual Pass and other ticket discounts, dining discounts, merchandise discounts and more.  Members will still be eligible for the "Membership Extras" if they purchased any number of points direct from Disney Vacation Club or if they purchased resale points prior to April 4.

Most resale points cannot be used for stays at Disney's Riviera Resort. And Riviera points purchased on the resale marketplace can only be used to book stay at Riviera itself. 

Resale points can be used for all Disney Vacation Club resorts as well as the World Passport Collection (timeshare trades through RCI.)  

Resale points are subject to the same 7 / 11 month reservation windows.  Owners are entitled to all member perks including the Annual Pass discount.  Dues (which vary by resort) are the identical for both direct and resale purchases.  The ending date of the contract (which also varies by resort) is the same for resale and direct purchases.  

Are purchase prices negotiable?

Yes!  Most terms of a resale purchase are negotiable including the purchase price, the party paying any outstanding annual dues and the party responsible for closing costs and fees.  

Sellers are under no obligation to accept a lower price or specific sale terms.  For certain contracts--particularly those in high demand--attempting to negotiate with the seller may result in losing the contract to another buyer who is more willing to meet the seller's asking price and terms.  

However, effective resale brokers like The Timeshare Store, Inc.® can assist with crafting terms which are acceptable to both parties. 

A seller is listing 500 points for sale. Can I buy some but not all?

If the listing is for one 500-point contract, no.  

Each Disney Vacation Club contract is a unique legal entity and--aside from a change of ownership--it cannot be altered.  The Home resorts, number of points and Use Year are all aspects which cannot change.  

If a seller lists a 500 point contract at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas with a February Use Year, none of those three key aspects (points, resort, Use Year) can be changed.  The buyer must be willing to take on the exact number of points, resort and Use Year which is advertised.  

Can you summarize the entire resale purchase process?

Exact details will vary depending upon the broker and/or seller.  The following outlines a typical resale purchase made through The Timeshare Store, Inc.®

  • Verbal Agreement:  Buyer and seller communicate through representatives of The Timeshare Store, Inc.® and a verbal agreement is reached.
  • Written Agreement:  Purchase agreements are emailed to both parties.  The buyer and seller are asked to return the documents within 5 business days.  Buyer must include check for 10% of the agreed-upon purchase price.
  • Right of First Refusal:  Agreement is forwarded to Disney for review.  Disney has up to 30 days to respond.  
    • If Disney exercises its Right of First Refusal, they will purchase the contract from the seller at the agreed-upon terms.  The buyer's downpayment is refunded and he / she no longer has any rights or obligations to the purchase.  The buyer must begin searching for another contract to purchase.
    • If Disney waives its Right of First Refusal the sale may continue as planned.
  • Closing Documents:  Approximately 10 days after Right of First Refusal waiver, all documentation is forwarded to the closing company.  The closing company will prepare transfer of ownership documents and forward to buyer and seller.  Both parties must return signed documents along with any remaining payment due by buyer.  
  • Closing:  Closing company will process the transfer of ownership.  Documents are filed with municipalities and copies forwarded to Disney Vacation Club
  • DVC Records Change:  It can take up to 2 weeks for Disney Vacation Club to record the change of ownership in their systems.  

Once the change of ownership has been acknowleged by Disney Vacation Club the new owner can begin making reservations using the newly-acquired points.  

How long does it take to complete a resale purchase?

The typical timeline is about 90 days from the initial offer until the transfer of ownership has been recorded by Disney Vacation Club.  Only after this recording can the new owner begin to make reservations using the points.  

The timeline could be delayed by a number of factors including slow responses from the contract sellers or Disney exercising its Right of First Refusal.   

What is the payment schedule for a resale purchase?

10% of the agreed-upon price is due upon signing of the purchase agreement.  The remaining 90% is due approximately 6-7 weeks later just prior to closing.  

For resale purchases managed by The Timeshare Store, Inc.®, all funds are placed in an escrow account with the title company.  Funds are not held or managed by The Timeshare Store, Inc.®.  

What form of payment is accepted for resale purchases?

Resale brokers and sellers are not in the business of financing purchases.  Most transactions require a cash equivalent payment (bank check, money order, etc.) for the full purchase price. 

The Timeshare Store, Inc.®, can accept either a personal check or a credit card (maximum $1,000 payment, $45 transaction fee applies) for the downpayment.  Remaining funds must be in the form of a bank check.  

Some buyers who do not have cash available consider a home equity loan on their primary residence.  This type of loan typically features a low interest rate and may yield some tax benefits for the borrower.  

The Timeshare Store, Inc.® can recommend a third-party lender who specializes in timeshare loans for those buyers seeking other alternatives.

Are there any drawbacks to a resale purchase compared to buying direct?

Yes but most of the drawbacks have already been addressed.  

Resale points cannot be used for destinations in The Adventurer Collection, The Concierge Collection or The Disney Collection and owners may be ineligible for the "Membership Extras."  Resale points are blocked from accessing one or more DVC resorts. 

Resale contracts cannot be altered or subdivided.  Buyers must find a for-sale contract which matches their desired number of poitns, Home resort and Use Year.  And buyers must come to a financial agreement with the seller.

The change of ownership will take a minimum of 90 days--longer if Disney invokes its Right of First Refusal and the buyer has to start all over looking for a new contract to purchase.   

Some sellers may cause unforeseen delays if they are slow in returning paperwork or responding to messages.  Working with an experienced resale broker like The Timeshare Store, Inc.® can help minimize these issues.  

What are the benefits of purchasing resale?

The biggest benefit of a resale purchase is a dramatically lower price.  Many resale listings feature asking prices which are 40-50% LESS than Disney's own direct pricing.  

Timeshares tend to be impulse purchases.  Most Disney Vacation Club direct buyers are theme park guests to are enticed into a sales presentation during their vacations.  The presentations focus on how Disney Vacation Club ownership yields dramatic savings over standard hotel rates in the long run.  

What the presentation fails to illustrate is how a resale purchase can net even greater savings.  

Buyers who are willing to live with the drawbacks of a resale purchase can save thousands of dollars--perhaps tens-of-thousands--over the cost of a similar purchase direct from DVC. 

What role does the broker play in a resale transaction?

Similar to a realtor, the broker's role is to bring buyers and sellers together.  

Brokers will also help manage and facilitate the legal requirements of the sale.  Disney Vacation Club ownership is a deeded real estate holding.  As such there are legal obligations to be met within the state where the asset is located.  Disney Vacation Club also requires that all purchase agreements be submitted for their Right of First Refusal.

DVC points could be purchased via private transaction, eBay, Craig's List or some similar resource without the use of a broker.  However the buyer and seller would be responsible for collectively managing the sale.  This process includes writing up a purchase agreement, submitting to DVC for their Right of First Refusal and working with a title company to complete the closing.  

Is the broker compensated?

Yes, however all broker fees and commission are typically paid by the seller.  The buyer should not pay compensation directly to the seller.  

Any broker requesting an up-front fee related to a Disney Vacation Club purchase should be avoided.  

How does The Timeshare Store differ from other resellers?

The Timeshare Store, Inc.® has been in business since 1994 and currently specializes in the Disney Vacation Club resale market.  

The Timeshare Store, Inc.® has a full-time staff of licensed professionals ready to assist buyers and sellers with their DVC points needs.  With regular business hours 7 days per week, representatives are available to speak to clients as late as 9pm eastern on weekdays.  

Staff members include former Disney Vacation Club salespeople and current DVC owners.  They have a thorough understanding of the DVC product.  When dealing with a first-time buyer, they actively seek to understand what the client wishes to get from DVC ownership and help guide them to a purchase which will best fulfill those goals.  

For all of these reasons and many more, The Timeshare Store, Inc.® is an official sponsor of and our recommended resale agent.