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DVCNews Debates: Why Copper Creek?

DVCNews DebatesCopper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge is the only Disney Vacation Club resort currently being marketed at Walt Disney World.  This is not a unique situation as both Disney's Polynesian Villas & Cabins and Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort have also been the sole option in recent years.  But with DVC sales apparently booming, it begs the question of exactly why people are buying.  

 Are buyers purchasing Copper Creek points because they really like the resort or because it's the only thing available?


DVCNews Debates: Concierge Price

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club’s ‘Lounge Service’ at Reunion Station has been the target of criticism due to its value, or lack thereof.  The service provides a cold breakfast for 3 hours in the morning plus 2 hours of salads, snacks, desserts and alcoholic beverages in the evening.  For this product, Disney currently charges $50 per adult and $33 per child, per day.  Guests are required to purchase the Lounge Service for their entire traveling party and for every night of their stay.  

 What is a more appropriate price for daily access to the Wilderness Lodge Lounge Service?


DVCNews Debates: DME Luggage Handling

DVCNews DebatesDisney's Magical Express is a great way get from Orlando International Airport to a Walt Disney World resort.  Not only does it provide a little of the 'Disney Magic' immediately after arrival but it's also free!  DME riders can either claim their luggage at the airport or have it transferred immediately to the resort.  The only drawback to the automatic transfer is that bags may not arrive until sometime later in the evening.  

 When using DME, do you typically claim your own luggage or allow Disney to transport?


DVCNews Debates: Favorite Member Perk

DVCNews DebatesEven a cynic would have to admit that the Disney Vacation Club owner perks are pretty good these days.  Moonlight Magic, merchandise discounts, dining discounts, regular Annual Pass discounts and occasional ticket specials, exclusive member lounges and more.  With the exception of the long lost complimentary valet parking, there are few offers in the history of DVC which can match this lineup.  

 What is your favorite of the current DVC member perks?


DVCNews Debates: Next Price Increase

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club last announced a price increase back in December 2017 with both Aulani and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins rising $6 per point to $182.  The new rate went into effect in January 2018.  In spite of the higher price, Copper Creek continues to sell at a brisk pace with half of its points declared into the timeshare association and nearly 1/3 already sold to owners.  With Disney’s Riviera Resort still about 18 months away from it’s estimated fall 2019 completion, another price increase would not be entirely surprising.  

 When do you think DVC will next raise the base price for points at Aulani and Copper Creek?


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