Frequently Asked Questions - Saratoga Springs

FAQs - Saratoga Springs
I've heard of Key West and New Jersey's Boardwalk, but where is Saratoga Springs?

Despite having a theme that is not instantly recognizable to most, the design of Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is quite true to its namesake of Saratoga Springs, New York.  Several years ago Disney Vacation Club member Mark Goldhaber took a drive to Saratoga Springs, NY to compare the city to the resort.  His pictorial report can be found on

Saratoga Springs is really big and I don't have a car. Is there another way to get around?

Theme park buses can be used to get from one bus stop to another at the resort.  Guests are advised to know the order in which bus stops are typically visited, and confirm with the driver that he/she plans to stop at the desired destination. 

What is the order of bus stops at Saratoga Springs?

All busses except one follow this route:

The Grandstand
The Carousel
The Paddock
Congress Park
The Springs

The Downtown Disney bus follows the reverse route:

Congress Park
The Springs
The Grandstand
The Carousel
The Paddock

What is the Community Hall?

The Community Hall offers a variety of board games, table games (ping pong, foosball) and Playstation video games.  It is staffed by Disney Cast Members, but should not be considered day care centers.  Parents are responsible for supervising young children.

The Community Hall is also the location of many scheduled activities.  Activities hosted in a typical week include small craft projects (ceramic painting, make a beaded keychain, etc.), trivia games, scavenger hunts, and more.  Some craft projects require a nominal fee, but many activities are free to guests staying at the resort.

The Community Hall is open to all resort guests, not just DVC members.

What are the differences between "lockoff" and "dedicated" two bedroom villas at SSR?

Nearly all of the guest rooms at Saratoga Springs are Two Bedroom villas--either Dedicated or Lockoffs.  Dedicated units are rooms that can ONLY be reserved as Two Bedroom villas.  Lockoffs are units with a connecting door in the middle which can be reserved as either a Two Bedroom vill or a One Bedroom + a Studio.  Those who book a Studio villa (or a 1B for that matter) are actually getting a portion of a lockoff Two Bedroom unit. 

Dedicated and Lockoff 2B villas do have some slight variations in their setup.  The style of room preferred by guests will certainly vary depending upon the makeup of the party.  Here is a summary of some of the pros/cons of the two room styles:


  • Two queen beds in second bedroom
  • Extra closet space in second bedroom
  • No kitchenette in second bedroom
  • One thermostat for entire unit
  • One balcony
  • One telephone line (rings all phones)
  • One entrance


  • Queen bed plus sofabed in second bedroom
  • Kitchenette in second bedroom
  • Two thermostats (one for second bedroom, other for the rest of the unit)
  • Two balconies (one off of the living room and the other off of the 2nd bedroom)
  • Two telephone lines
  • Two entrances

Guests bookinng a Two Bedroom villa will be assigned to either a Dedicated or Lockoff unit at the time the reservation is made.  For inventory purposes, DVC must keep track of the number of each room that is given out to guests.  Dedicated Two Bedrooms are typically given out first to those booking a 2B.  Those with a strong preference for either style of room should contact Member Services to ensure that their reservation is assigned to the preferred unit type.

Is there any information available regarding features of specific rooms at Saratoga Springs resort? has created a series of searchable databases listing very detailed information on most of the Disney Vacation Club resort guestrooms. The database allows you to search for rooms by their size (Studio, One Bedroom, etc.), class (Value, Standard, etc.), floor and many other criteria.  We even have photos of the actual balcony/patio view from many DVC guest rooms.

To access the database, click on the link below:

Saratoga Springs Guest Room Database

Will Bell Services take me (and my luggage) to the room after I check in?

Yes.  Bell Services has motorized carts available to deliver guests and luggage to their villa.  Guests can also Internal (Downtown Disney) bus if they do not wish to walk.

What Pools are available at Saratoga Springs Resort?

High Rock Spring is the main feature pool at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. Located near The Carriage House lobby and reception area, the 161,000 gallon, High Rock Spring pool features two slides--one for youngsters and the other for older guests--and a childrens' water play area.  Beautiful rock work with cascading water surround the zero-entry pool.

The play area offers kids the chance to interact with a Donald Duck water sculpture. Nearby are 2 whirlpool hot tubs.

The Paddock Pool is a second feature pool at Saratoga Springs Resort.  The 3,300 sq. ft. pool, located in The Paddock section of Saratoga Springs, includes a zero-entry pool, a 146-ft water slide, a water play area which includes another slide and a quick service restaurant, The Paddock Grill.

The Grandstand leisure pool includes a horse racing-themed deck with fountains and water guns for the kids, as well as a nearby pool bar. 

Additional quiet pools are found in Congress Park and Treehouse Villas sections of the Resort.

What about the Treehouse Villas. Do they have bus service?

A separate shuttle bus makes the rounds between two Treehouse Villas bus stop, The Springs and The Grandstand at Saratoga Springs.  Guests must debark the shuttle bus at The Springs or The Grandstand and transfer to a different bus leaving the property.

Is there boat service at Treehouse Villas?

Yes, there near the Treehouse Villas. Boats run approximately every 20 minutes along this route:

Treehouse Villas
Saratoga Springs Carriage House
Downtown Disney Pleasure Island
Back to Saratoga Springs Carriage House
Treehouse Villas

The Treehouse boat dock is centrally located. Walking time to the boat dock should be no more than 5 minutes, even from the furthest villas.

Do the Treehouse Villas have a pool?

There is a pool, but it's a leisure pool approximately 50' x 20' with a water fountain in the corner. It's not zero entry, but there are stairs to gradully enter the pool in one corner.

The pool area features restrooms, towels, a spa, a soda machine, and an AED. There are approximately 30 lounge chairs and several square patio tables with four chairs and an umbrella.

Is there a BBQ grill area at Treehouse Villas?

Each Treehouse Villa has its own charcoal-burning barbeque grill.  Charcoal is not provided, but is available for purchase in the resort general store.

I have a car. Will I be able to park at my Treehouse Villa?

Treehouse Villa guests can only park one vehicle per villa. Those with two vehicles are asked to park one in The Grandstand area and either walk or take the internal shuttle bus back to their villa.

What are the walking distances between SSR and Treehouse Villas?

From the Carriage House to the Treehouse Villa area: 9-10 minutes

From The Grandstand leisure pool to the Treehouse Villas: 5-6 minutes

From The Grandstand parking lot to the Treehouse Villas:  3-4 minutes

Where are the Trash/Recycling areas at SSR and Treehouse Villas?

At Saratoga Springs they are on the ground floor of each villa building near the elevators.

At Treehouse Villas, each group of 3-5 villas has a set of trash/recycle cans where guests can deposit trash and recycling items from their villas.