Walt Disney World Implements Package Handling Fees

Having goods shipped from Amazon to your Walt Disney World resort room might seem like an economical way to save but you may have to add a few more dollars to the budget next time.  

BLT E024

Disney mail handling policies were recently revised to include a $5 handling fee for all outside packages addressed to guests.  The revised policy reads as follows:

Guests staying at Walt Disney World resort hotels can receive mail throughout their stay. Occasionally, some Guests choose to ship items in advance of their vacation to help save luggage space.

If you intend to receive mail during your vacation, be sure the letter or package:

  • Includes the mailing address of your Disney Resort Hotel
  • Clearly features the word “Guest” on the front and the date of your arrival

Please note that a $5 per package handling fee may apply to all packages that are received through the Front Desk or are delivered to your Disney Resort hotel room.

Back in 2009, Disney previously implemented package handling fees for convention resorts.  

Amazon's expansion into delivery of grocery and other retail products has undoubtedly fueled this move.  Resort package volumes continue to rise, along with the accompanying handling, storage and room delivery costs.  

These fees reportedly do not apply to personal items handled by resort bell services.  Among the exemptions are grocery deliveries from services like WeGoShop and Amazon Prime Now, Owner's Lockers, motorized scooters and stroller rentals.  Packages shipped to resorts using major freight carriers like UPS, FedEx and US Postal Service are subject to the storage and handling fees.