Additional Details From New Location Survey

Other / Prospective Resort

Recently the Disney Vacation Club has been polling existing members on their interest in new destinations.  We some additional details to share regarding the content of that survey.

The three locations prominently mentioned in the survey are Las Vegas, Los Cabos (Mexico) and Lake Tahoe.  Following is Disney's description of the proposed Disney's Las Vegas Resort:

If Disney were to build this resort, it would be located 30 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. Disney's Las Vegas Resort would offer both easy access to the excitement of Las Vegas, plus an escape to the activities and relaxation of a desert-oasis resort.  Golf, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and scenic desert tour opportunities would abound.  There would be no casino in this resort...just Disney-inspired vacation fun.

Next up is Disney's Los Cabos Resort.

If Disney decided to build this resort, it would sit on a secluded sandy beach at the tip of the Baja Peninsula.  Disney's Los Cabos Resort would offer all the best of a relaxing Mexican ocean-side vacation getaway.  You could recline on the beach; involve yourself in activities like golf, scuba, sailing or sport fishing; or head into nearby towns of Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo for shoping and dining activities. 

And finally Disney's Lake Tahoe Resort:

If Disney decided to build this resort, it would be surrounded by mountains on the north short of Lake Tahoe, Disney's Lake Tahoe Resort would provide year-round opportunity for outdoor vacation fun and relaxation; ski season would offer ski-in, ski-out access to a major local ski resort and other snow-themed pursuits, while warmer seasons would provide access to the lake and its abundance of hiking, biking, and water activities.  

Similar follow-up questions were asked of all three resort opportunities. Respondants are asked to rank their interest on a 1-10 scale.  Additional items question the potential make-up of the member's travel party--adults only or adults and kids--the number of visits the member would expect to make to such a resort and whether or not the member would be interested in purchasing at this resort.

Thanks to "DizPodDir: for information used in this report.