Spring 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey

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It is not uncommon for Disney Vacation Club to randomly survey members on potential program changes, overall satisfaction and a variety of other topics. Check out what they are asking in an April 2019 survey.

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Site contributor Wil Lovato recently received a survey from DVC. As is often the case, the survey touched on a wide variety of porgram features and benefits, asking respondants to voice their satsifaction in those areas. 

A number of questions dealt with the exchange programs, asking members if they would recommend Disney Vacation Club based upon the ability to exchange points for Disney Cruises, RCI resorts and other options. 

Members were asked for feedback on Disney's Riviera Resort, and if they were interested in buying additional points. 

Owners were also asked to explain their reasons for owning DVC via a series of questions ranging from economic to emotional. Among the possible reasons cited were:

  • Makes me feel special
  • Makes me feel like I am a part of Disney 
  • Provides high-quality vacations  
  • Gives me the flexibility to choose when I want to vacation 
  • Ensures that I will be able to take vacations well into the future 
  • Appreciates Members 
  • Offers me a wide variety of vacation destinations from which to choose
  • Saves me money on vacations

Free form comment sections were provided to allow respondants to voice any other concerns or criticisms regarding Disney Vacation Club

For additonal details or to share your thoughts, visit the discussion thread at DVCinfo.com