RCI Trade Fee Remains Waived

Throughout 2017, Disney Vacation Club members will continue to save a bit when using their points for many non-Disney destinations.  

Mountain Scene

Disney Vacation Club is partnered with timeshare trading company RCI to provide access to hundreds of resort destinations around the world. Members can deposit their points with RCI and use them to book individual nights or full weeks at other timeshares, a process very similar to booking at DVC resorts. 

These RCI transactions typically incur a $95 exchange fee.  However, through the end of 2017 the exchange fee has been waived for DVC owners wishing to trade their points.  

The waiver applies to points traded thru RCI in 2017 regardless of travel date--no fees will be charged even if the trip does not occur until after 12/31/2017.  

Perhaps uncoincidentally, last year the fees for RCI owners trading into Disney Vacation Club resorts rose by $95 per stay.  The "resort fee" currently stands at $190 for those using non-DVC timeshares to stay at Disney properties.   

Another new trade feature recently introduced is a 24-hour grace period on cancellations.  Beginning in August 2016, no penalties will be assessed if an RCI trade reservation--made with DVC points--is cancelled within 24 hours.  

Details regarding the RCI trade process and reservation search tools can be found at DVCMember.com.