Personal Storage Solution for Frequent DVC/Disney Guests

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Vacation Club member John Van Meter has been hauling the same assortment of items to-and-from his DVC Home for nearly 15 years.  Finally he’d had enough and decided to do something about it.  Therein lies the inspiration for Owner’s Locker:

"We were always amazed at the amount of ‘stuff’ we hauled back and forth that we used only while in Florida.  One time we stayed in a condo hotel on the beach and it had an ‘owner's closet’ where the person who owned the unit kept all of their vacation gear. Let's just say a little light bulb went off and an idea for a business was born."

Owner’s Locker is a storage solution for the many items needed only when vacationing in the Orlando area.  Each customer is given a private “Locker” in which to store their belongings between trips.  Lockers are stored in a climate-controlled facility and fees include delivery to and from your DVC resort—your Locker will be waiting for you when you arrive and collected from your resort after you depart. 

For complete details, visit the Owner’s Locker website at