Park Hopping 2pm Time Restriction to be Lifted at Walt Disney World

WDW Vacation Planning News

Effective January 9, 2024, Walt Disney World guests will no longer be required to wait until after 2:00pm in order to hop between theme parks. 

Cinderella Castle

Disney has announced that restrictions on its Park Hopping feature will be removed shortly after the start of the new year. As of January 9, Park Hopping will be available at any time to guests holding eligible admission media. Park Hopping ability is included in all Annual Passes, and is an add-on feature available for purchase with Magic Your Way tickets. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney instituted a number of policies designed to restrict guest movement. Among them was requiring guests to wait until after 2pm to hop to another theme park. Guests were required to make a reservation for their first destination park, enter that park, and could then relocate to a second theme park after 2pm.

As operations returned to normal, the policy has been increasingly unpopular with guests seeking the same freedom of movement which existed before the pandemic.

Disney previously announced that most guests would no longer be required to make reservations via its Park Pass system as of January 9. Guests holding dated Magic Your Way tickets can visit any park on any day without reservations. Annual Passholders are still required to make reservations for morning and early afternoon park entry. However, they can visit any park after 2:00pm without reservations except for Magic Kingdom on Saturdays and Sundays.