DVC Resorts Receive New Category Name

General DVC News

Walt Disney World offers Value, Moderate, Deluxe and now Deluxe Villa resorts.  What were once branded “Home Away From Home Resorts” and more recently “Disney Vacation Club Resorts” will go by a new name in the Disney lexicon. 

Following is the Disney news release:

“In an effort to alleviate confusion about the availability of Disney Vacation Club accommodations as nightly rentals, and to better describe these resorts' amenities, Disney vacation planners will use the term Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts in reference to the Disney Vacation Club properties for non-Members. (These resorts previously were listed as Disney Vacation Club Resorts.)

“The Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts category tops off a line-up of Disney Resorts for every taste and budget, including Disney Value Resorts, Disney Moderate Resorts and Disney Deluxe Resorts.

“As this resort category name change affects Guest rental bookings only, Disney Vacation Club Members will continue to know these properties as Disney Vacation Club Resorts.”

In other words, nothing has really changed other than how Disney will be marketing the DVC accommodations to the general public.