Bell Services No Longer Accepting Alcohol Deliveries

DVC Policies & Procedures

Effective August 1, 2023, bell services at Disney and Disney Vacation Club resorts will no longer handle any alcoholic beverages included with guest grocery orders. 

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Thanks to the rise of delivery services like Instacart and Amazon Fresh, many Disney resort guests order groceries for use during their visit. Bell services will receive and store the items in advance of arrival, and deliver to the room later in the day. However a recent policy change may prompt guests to alter their strategy. 

Bell services will no longer accept delivery of any alcoholic beverages which are restricted to adults over the age of 21 from a third party grocery service. If ordering such items, guests must plan to meet the delivery driver and receive the items personally. 

Bell services can still assist with handling most items--including alcohol--with direct cooperation of the guest. Gratuities are expected. 

Note that all resort package deliveries, including groceries, are subject to a modest storage fee which is currently priced at $6 for most items. For grocery orders, a single $6 fee should cover the entire delivery. Guests can avoid the storage fee by arranging to meet the delivery driver. 

In another recent policy change, bell services will no longer transfer perishable groceries from one Disney resort to another. Guests with a split stay across multiple resorts should plan to use a rental car or ride share to transfer their perishable items. Bell services at the destination resort will store the items if personally delivered by the guest.