2019 Aulani Points Chart Revised


The 2019 points chart for Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas has been updated since its original posting earlier this week.


On December 23, 2017, Disney Vacation Club published 2019 points charts for all fourteen of its current resorts.  However at some point between our initial report at noon on 12/23 and the afternoon of 12/27, the Aulani chart was revised.  

Aulani 2019 - Incorrect

Original 2019 Aulani chart - now removed

The change largely impacts how calendar dates are spread over the four DVC seasons at Aulani.  Specifically, dates in January, February, September and early October were moved to Choice Season in the original 2019 chart.  This seemingly represented a reallocation to the Aulani chart, given that those dates were typically considered Adventure Season in prior years.  Meanwhile, dates in May, June, the second half of October and November moved from Choice to Adventure Season.  

The new version of the Aulani chart (link) returns nearly all of those dates to their original seasons.  The seasons for 2019 are now largely identical to 2018, with only slight adjustments applied for holidays including Easter and Thanksgiving.  

Aulani 2019

Revised 2019 Aulani chart

According to DVCNews contributor Wil Lovato, a third Aulani chart was linked at some point in the last few days which completely omitted several dates in March and April.  

Aulani owners can begin making reservations for 2019 travel dates in late January 2018, subject to the 11 months (+ 7 day) window.