Recent Overhead Lends Credence to Reflections Rumors

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An overhead image captured four days ago of the construction site for Reflections - A Disney Lakeside Lodge adds to fears that the project has been sidelined. 

Reflections Ground Clearing

Reflections Ground Clearing - March 2019

On Sunday rumors emerged that the forthcoming Disney Vacation Club project had been postponed indefinitely or cancelled entirely. Two days earlier, Twitter user @bioreconstruct posted a series of overhead images from the Walt Disney World property. Among them is a photo of the construction site. Noteworthy in this photo is the absence of any heavy construction equipment and the light greenish tint across much of the land. 

One explanation for the green is that the site has been sprayed with grass seed. In this case, the seed would be used to prevent the soil from eroding when left unattended for an extended period, and subjected to Florida weather conditions. 

A February 29 post from@bioreconstruct shows very conditions just days before the COVID-19 shutdown. In the earlier image, two large cranes are visible working on the property and the green coloring is not present. 

We want to stress that the demise of Reflections is strictly a rumor at this point. However, the Coronavirus has undoubtedly altered the timelines for Disney Vacation Club's future point needs. Prior to the COVID shutdown, our Wil Lovato estimated that it could take 48 months to sell all of the points at Disney's Riviera Resort. That would place its sellout in early 2024, a target which will certainly fall behind as a result of the pandemic. 

Reflections was originally slated to open in 2022. Disney may now find itself without a need for additional DVC points until 2-3 years beyond that date. Meanwhile, it appears plans are still on track to open a second Disneyland DVC destination. Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel opened way back in 2009. A new addition on the west coast would not only help meet demand for additional Disneyland timeshare accommodations, but could also reduce interest in Florida-based points.