California DVC to be Announced Next Month?

Grand Californian Hotel

Chuck Oberleitner posted an article at his website in which he speculates that a DVC addition to the Grand Californian will be announced at June’s press event for the opening of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

“Almost certain to be announced during the Finding Nemo event will be the addition of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) to the grounds of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. Sharp-eyed DLR watchers have already posted pictures to the Internet of survey markers on the open field that borders the hotel and DCA.

Currently, DVC is one of Parks and Resorts hottest moneymakers. A basic membership in the property time-share club is $16,400. The number of memberships has doubled since 2000, with over 108,000 families currently enrolled in the program.

Publicly at last February’s investor’s conference, Parks and Resorts chairman Rasulo said, “We feel confident that there is still room to grow. The time-share industry is huge and expanding, and families will still look to Disney when they think of their vacation.”

Privately, Parks and Resorts management is looking to the DVC to help extend the average DLR vacationer’s stay from 2.5 days to a full week.”

Previous speculation had a California DVC announcement happening back in January at the last major press event.  Alas the subject was not addressed at that time.

In recent weeks Disney has been fighting with Anaheim officials over nearby land use issues.  If a DVC addition is earmarked for the Grand Californian, the project should not be impacted by this unresolved conflict.