Beach Club Villas

BCV Exterior Repairs Scheduled

Exterior work is scheduled to occur this fall at Disney's Beach Club Villas.  The work will include repairs to the physical structure and exterior painting.  The scheduled maintenance window runs from September 14 to October 2, 2009

Work of this nature does tend to involve the use of scaffolding and large tarps.  However, the work is typically done in small sections in order to minimize the impact on guests.  

Beach Club Losing Rip Tide Lounge is reporting that the Beach Club's Rip Tide Lounge is being eliminated.  According to recently-filed construction permits, the space currently occupied by the lounge is being absorbed into Cape May Cafe.

BCV Exterior Refurb Underway

Units at Disney's Beach Club Villas are currently undergoing an exterior refurbishment.  Work includes any necessary repairs to the structure, as well as a thorough cleaning of the building exterior. 

The repair work has already begun and is scheduled to run through April 3, 2009.

SAB Rehab Could Run Long

Last week we reported on Disney's intention to close the Stormalong Bay pool complex in phases for rehab work in early 2009.  The information we were given suggested that the pool would be closed from January 5, 2009 until sometime in late March. 

The closure has since been added to Disney's official travel agent rehab bulletin, but that document suggests that work on the pool could continue as late as April 15, 2009.  

Maintenace schedules are always subject to change given that they can be dramatically impacted by weather conditions or a host of other uncontrollable factors.  What remains certain is that Disney has every intention of keeping the pool open to guests throughout the rehab period.  But spring visitors should expect some elements may be unavailable as late as mid-April while necessary maintenance work is completed.  

Official Details on SAB Refurb

Following-up on our previous story, the Yacht and Beach Club's Stormalong Bay pool complex will be subject to refurbishment work starting on January 5, 2009 and running into late MarchDisney Vacation Club sources have confirmed that the work will be completed in phases, with portions of the complex not undergoing work expected to remain open.  Official statement follows...

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