DVC mailer claims Grand Floridian 80% sold

Grand Floridian

Disney Vacation Club has begun its final push to sell remaining points in the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa before moving on to new destinations.  

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Grand Floridian Mailer

In a mailer sent to current owners, Disney Vacation Club claims that its Grand Floridian destination is now nearly 80% sold.  This should come as no surprise to readers of DVCNews.com.  In the latest monthly sales update, research from contributor Wil Lovato shows that the resort was more than 70% sold as of the end of October.  

No pending price increases have been announced.  While points remain, buyers can still purchase ownership in the Grand Floridian for $165 per point.  

The current rate of sales suggests that it could still take up to 7 months for the Grand Floridian to finally sell-out.  However, points in certain Use Years will begin to grow scarce sooner than that.  

Even after the Grand Floridian has achieved the "sold out" designation, DVC will likely continue to sell points at the resort.  However, prices are likely to increase and availability of points will vary--interested buyers may have to wait weeks or months before DVC can re-acquire the points necessary to fill a demand.  

Buying points through a resale vendor like The Timeshare Store, Inc.® is also an option.   

Meanwhile Disney Vacation Club continues to market ownership in Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas in Hawaii.  Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows is expected to begin selling in the very near future with an anticipated mid-2015 Grand Opening.