Closer Look at Treehouse Declarations

Saratoga Springs Resort

Disney Vacation Club recently amended the Saratoga Springs Resort Condominium Association to add the first of its Treehouse Villas to member inventory.  Among these public filings are a series of surveyor's plans which reveal many new details of these forthcoming DVC units.

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Thirty of the sixty Treehouse Villas have been added to Saratoga Springs in this initial filing.  The villas are being added in "units" of two treehouses each, as shown in this image which represents Units 138A, 138B and 138C.

THV Units 138A, 138B, 138C


The terrain surrounding each of the Treehouses truly is unique.  This uniqueness is underscored when viewing detailed images of each structure--specifically the stairways  leading up to the elevated porches.

Two Treehouse Villas


Four of the units will be handicapped-accessible via ramps.  Some of those access ramps will be a bit long.

Treehouse Villas Ramp

Treehouse Villas Ramp


Parking lots near each of the villa units are clearly visible.

Treehouse Villas Parking


The location of the Treehouse Villas' boat dock is now clearly-defined.  It sits on the western side of the Treehouse Villas' property, along the Sassagoula River which runs up to Port Orleans French Quarter.

Treehouse Villas Boat Dock


Treehouse Villas Boat Dock


And if we look VERY closely, we can even get a glimpse of the pool, hot tub and poolhouse being constructed on the grounds of the Treehouse Villas

Treehouse Villas Pool


The Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort are scheduled to open on June 1, 2009.  Reservations are now being accepted from owners at Saratogs Springs.  All other Disney Vacation Club members can begin booking on Sunday, February 22.