Two Factor Authentication Removed from DVC Site

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In response to apparent bugs in the login process, the recently-launced two-factor authentication has been disabled on the Disney Vacation Club website. 

Disney Vacation Club

On November 16, the DVC website introduced two-factor authentication to the login process. In addition to entering a username and password, members would also have to provide a temporary 6-digit code sent to them via text message or email. Within days of the new feature's launch, it was discovered that member passwords were being ignored during the login process

While the issue is being investigated Disney has disabled two factor login, again requiring users to simply enter the username and password to log in. The complete statement from DVC is as follows:

Dear Disney Vacation Club® Member,

Previously, we notified you of an upcoming change to how Members access their Membership accounts on During this transition, we learned that one aspect of the process was not working the way we originally intended. Therefore, we have made the decision to revert to the previous login process, and plan to implement additional enhancements in the coming months.

We appreciate your understanding and will continue to provide updates on our efforts.

Disney Vacation Club

Two-factor authentication is intended to provide better protection for user accounts. No timeline was revealed for correcting the  problem and reinstating the enhanced login.