Copper Creek Studio bathroom type not guaranteed

Wilderness Lodge

There are two different bathroom configurations in Deluxe Studio villas at the new Copper Creek Villas & Cabins and Disney Vacation Club will not guarantee the type of room assigned to a guest prior to their arrival.

CCV Studio Shower

Deluxe Studio with stand-alone shower

One of the drawbacks to converting hotel rooms to DVC villas is the need to work within the established guest room footprint.  While rooms are essentially gutted, the location of structural supports, plumbing and electrical lines limits the modifications which can be made.  

This issue manifests itself in the Copper Creek bathroom configuration of Deluxe Studio villas.  There are two unique setups for the Studio bathrooms: some villas have the traditional tub & shower combination while others only have a stand-alone shower.  

Information provided to DVCNews indicates that there are 37 Deluxe Studio villas at Copper Creek with the tub and shower combination while 41 rooms have the shower alone.  

Disney Vacation Club is not willing to guarantee a specific bathroom setup prior to arrival.  Guests with a preference can include a request for a specific bathroom type.  As always, requests cannot be guaranteed and the resort's ability to meet the member request will depend upon a variety of factors.  

Fortunately the split between tub+shower and shower only rooms is nearly 50/50, giving the resort plenty of options to accommodate guests with a preference.   

The resort also has both dedicated and lockoff Studio rooms.  Dedicated rooms are stand-alone Studio units while the lockoff rooms can be combined with a neighboring One Bedroom Villa to form a Two Bedroom unit.  The bathroom configurations do not appear to correllate with these dedicated/lockoff figures.  In other words, specifically booking a dedicated or lockoff Studio does not guarantee a specific bathroom setup.  

We will continue to present new information regarding the Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge as details emerge.