Bay Lake Tower Refurbishment On Target for 2024, Will Last 12 Months

Bay Lake Tower

The forthcoming wholesale refurbishment of Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort is set to begin in late 2024, and is expected to take a full year to complete. 

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Back in 2022, Disney Vacation Club stated that the refurbishment at Bay Lake Tower would commence in calendar year 2024. That timeframe is still in play, but the lengthy duration means work will extend well into 2025 as well. 

According to Vice President - Resort Operations Alison Armor, the challenges of renovating a tower structure will make for a lengthy refurbishment at Bay Lake Tower. As renovation are completed floor-by-floor, crews face the challenge of rerouting utilities including water lines so that all operating floors still receive service. 

No specifics have been provided regarding upgrades planned for the rooms, though we confirmed that a model room is currently being evaluated by designers and members of the management team. Updates to the resort's wifi infrastructure will also take place during the guest room refurbishment. 

This is the first full refurbishment of Bay Lake Tower since its opening in August 2009.