Bay Lake Tower

100% of BLT declared, including Top of the World Lounge

On June 30, 2011, Disney Vacation Development (DVD) declared three two-bedroom villas for the Disney Vacaton Club (DVC) inventory at Disney's Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort.  With this declaration, DVD has now declared 100% of Bay Lake Tower for the DVC inventory. This means that the entire Bay Lake Tower resort -- all 267 two-bedroom villas and all 14 Grand Villas -- are available for booking by DVC members using their Vacation Club points.

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BLT points taken back by Disney

Disney Vacation Development (DVD) is in the business of selling Disney Vacation Club points to new and existing members.  However, there are situations when DVD will buy back or otherwise reacquire some of those deeds and points. 

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Contemporary "Wave" adds breakfast buffet

There is a new dining option available to guests at the Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort--a breakfast buffetat The Wave.

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The Wave breakfast buffet

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