Exterior Painting Under Way at The Cake Bake Shop

BoardWalk Villas

Crews have begun painting the outside of The Cake Bake Shop on Disney's BoardWalk, however it appears to still be some time away from opening. 

Disneys BoardWalk Cake Bake Shop Construction 2024 07 09a

Way back in March 2022, Disney announced a series of enhancements to Disney BoardWalk and the nearby Inn & Villas. Among those changes was the addition of The Cake Bake Shop located in the former home of ESPN Club

Disneys BoardWalk Cake Bake Shop Construction 2024 07 09b

While the building maintains the familiar hexagonal shape of the ESPN Club, modifications were perhaps more extensive than originally planned. Over the past couple of years, the facility seems to have been virtually torn down and rebuilt. 

Disneys BoardWalk Cake Bake Shop Construction 2024 07 09c

Exterior finishes are still being completed on portions of the building while others are being painted. Initially slated to open in 2023, the eatery was later delayed to 2024. And with the year now more than half over, an opening estimate has yet to be revealed. 

Disneys BoardWalk Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Construction 2024 07 09

Also coming to the BoardWalk is Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs. To the naked eye, the building appears to be fully renovated. Signage is in place, including an order pickup window visible on the side. However the building remains hidden behind planters on the BoardWalk with no indication of when it will open.