Balcony Refurbishment Begins at Copper Creek

Wilderness Lodge

Exterior refurbishment work is scheduled for Disney's Wilderness Lodge, impacting balconies for Copper Creek Villas

Copper Creek Villas

Balcony refurbishment is on tap for Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Work of this nature typically includes power washing, physical repairs and painting. The job was set to begin on September 26, 2022 but was likely delayed by the arrival of Hurricane Ian. Work is scheduled to last approximately 6 weeks, wrapping-up in early November. 

Disney's complete statement follows:

To ensure our facilities are maintained to the highest quality standards, we will be refurbishing some of our Guest room balconies at Copper Creek Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Beginning September 26, Guests will see and hear refurbishment work in and around Copper Creek Villas during daytime hours. Refurbishment work is expected to be complete in early November 2022.

This is not the only project currently under way at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Guest room refurbishments are in progress at the neighboring Boulder Ridge Villas. That work is expected to continue into spring of 2023.